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We are a club where Volunteers are our lifeblood, and we are thankful for those people in our Hurlo Community who step up to assist. Our volunteers include coaches, managers, age coordinators, ground staff, canteen staff, gear coordinators, referee payment admin, website manager, results coordinator and the committee.


We all give our time so that the Hurlo Community can promote the playing of football.

Below are the volunteer roles of the club. If you would like to contribute to any of these roles, please contact admin@hurlstoneparkwanderers.com.au or speak to your Age Coordinator.


Our Coaches are mainly made up of parent/carer or ex-player volunteers, usually staying with a team to assist in developing the player’s skills through the years. Our Coaches are provided excellent support by the HPW Coaching Coordinator.


Our Managers are mainly made up of parent/carer or current player volunteers. Their role is to provide administrative support to the Coaches. Our Managers are provided excellent support by their Age Coordinators.

Age Coordinators

Our Age Coordinators are volunteers. Their role is to coordinate and provide information to all Coaches and Managers in their age group.

Ground Staff

Our volunteer Ground Staff ensure that the grounds are ready for training and games each week. This includes assisting with set up, pack up and monitoring the fields while matches are underway. 

Football Buddies

Our Football Buddies assist during the All Abilities sessions supporting the participants to take part in the drills and game while meeting new friends, having fun and increasing skills and self-esteem.

Canteen Staff

Our Canteen Staff make sure that our players are fed and hydrated, and any funds that are made via canteen sales go directly to maintaining our facilities and coaching support at the club.

Gear coordinator

Our Gear Coordinator ensures that all players have the HPW strip they proudly wear while representing the club, as well as equipment such as balls, nets and flags.

Administration Roles

These roles ensure that the club runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Finance Roles

These roles ensure that the referees are paid each week and maintain the financial viability of the club.


There are many, many tasks related to running a football club. These require a wide range of skills and varying time commitments. If you have time or skills you can offer, please let us know.

Join our community

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our club. They help provide the excellent resources that enable our players to play football. If you’d like to join this wonderful community, please get in touch.

Hurlo bbq duties

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Hurlo BBQ!

The BBQ is an important function of game day and without your support, we could not make it happen.

Two teams are rostered for a 2 hour shift every Saturday and Sunday at Ewen and Beaman Parks and we request the help of parents and players who are rostered to play at these fields and ensure that your duties don’t interfere with your game.

Let us take care of the hard stuff so you can have fun! Our ever-committed HPW Committee will arrange and supply all BBQ food, bread rolls, sauces, utensils, change till and may even pop by to say hello. All we ask is that you arrive promptly for your shift and perform your duties with a big Hurlo smile.