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Welcome to the new season, and we hope that you will represent our Club with pride and that you have a great time playing football.

We’ve set up information for you on the website so that we can communicate to you what’s happening and when.

We’ve also published the ‘Players Pledge’ so that you’re aware of the behaviour expected of being part of the Hurlo Community.

There is information on registration, for our wonderful group of Small Sided Footballers, on wet weather, on where you are playing and when.

Once again, remember who you play for, that it’s grassroots, and that officials, like players, make mistakes. Have a great season!

Monday Skills Sessions & Goalkeeper Training

HPW is proud to offer skill development for all players, at no cost. Click on the links below see what age groups and sessions are currently on offer. Spots are limited – if you sign up, please turn up! If you can no longer make it to a session, please cancel your registration to free it up for another player.

Click on the links below see what age groups and sessions are currently on offer.

Team Formation Faqs

We changed the terminology to more accurately reflect what we are trying to achieve with this pre-season activity; which is to form teams that have players of comparable skill, are complementary to each other and will provide the most enjoyable playing experience in the competition.

We are looking to achieve this for all of our teams irrespective of the division they play in.

If you are a team that is in Division 3 or lower, you don’t need to attend team formation sessions. Simply communicate your plan with your Age Coordinator.

If it is a Division 1 or 2 team, you will need to attend Team Formation.

U8 note – given there is no historical competition teams, it is strongly encouraged that all players attend these sessions

Participation is not compulsory however it is strongly recommended to allow for them to be placed in an appropriate team.

For U8/9, it is strongly encouraged that all players attend these sessions.

For U10-13 Mixed, U14-16 Boys and U11-14 Girls, attendance is strongly encouraged for those wishing to play in higher division teams.

If your age group specifies 2 sessions, it is strongly advised that you attend both sessions.

U8/9 note – attendance at both grading sessions is strongly advised. If you can only make 1 session, the first session is preferable.

Please notify the Coaching Coordinator at and your relevant Age Coordinator if you wish to attend a session but are unable.

Hurlstone Park Wanderers is all about providing the opportunity for all to play football. If you do not wish to be considered for higher division teams, you can do the following:

  1. Participate in a friendship team. If there are friends who wish to play together, please nominate this on your registration and we will do our best to accommodate the request.
  2. Do nothing. Your Age Coordinator will automatically place you in a team and you will be notified on placement.

Contact your Age Coordinator

We may not have Division 1 teams in every age group. HPW will identify its highest graded team in each age group, but the final grading of the team is determined by the CDSFA grading committees, based on the playing history of all the teams submitted by all clubs. Contact the relevant Age Coordinator for more information.

HPW’s team formation process is designed to identify players of similar ability and place them in suitable teams. 

In each age group, we will form one or more teams, and we will submit the teams to CDSFA. 

The CDSFA Grading Committees then determine the number and size of divisions in each age group based on the playing history of all teams submitted by all clubs. 

As a result, even an existing team may be placed in a higher or lower division than they played last year.  

Contact the relevant Age Coordinator for more information.

Results are typically communicated by your Age Coordinator, up to 2-3 weeks after the final session, if not earlier.

For U8 -13 (Mixed/Boys) and Girls (U11-14), we use an independent body to run the sessions. For the Mixed/Boys (U13-16) the HPW Grading Sub-Committee will run the sessions in association with coaches and experienced players within the Club.

A session typically consists of a skills-based activity plus a series of small-sided games.

We realise that performance at a session does not always indicative of player ability. For that reason, all information available including player history and coach feedback is taken into consideration.

Many of our adult teams are established teams. We welcome new players to the club, but your age coordinator will need to assign you to a team that suits your age and ability. Please contact the age coordinator to confirm we have a suitable team. Where we have sufficient players or players looking to move between teams, we will form new teams. 

We do not usually grade for teams apart from Division 1 (BBC and GMT) for seniors, but we do hold informal trial sessions to help you find a suitable team.

Member Protection

The FFA National Member Protection Policy applies to all clubs, associations and participants in football and outlines the policy regulations regarding harassment, discrimination, bullying, child protection, child abuse and handling complaints in relation to these matters.

Players Warm up Exercises

The “FIFA 11+” is a complete warm-up programme to reduce injuries among male and female football players aged 14 years and older.

The programme was developed by an international group of experts, and its effectiveness has been proven in a scientific study. Teams that performed the “FIFA 11+” at least twice a week had 30-50% fewer injured players.

The programme should be performed, as a standard warm-up, at the start of each training session at least twice a week, and it takes around 20 minutes to complete. Prior to matches, only the running exercises (parts 1 and 3) should be performed.

For all exercises, correct performance is of great importance. Therefore, the coach should supervise the programme and correct the players if necessary.

Download full-size poster

Small Sided Football

SSF – U6 & U7

Hurlstone Park Wanderers supports the Small Sided Football format for our younger players. The format allows children to develop their skills and confidence in the sport without the competitive pressure of inter-club games. The children are organised into “houses” of up to 20 players, and each house trains as a single squad.

On game day, each house is divided into teams to play against teams from other houses. The house teams will vary each week, so your child will not always play with the same players, but will always play with others from their house. The houses play against each other on a rotating roster.

As the games are played in-house between fellow Hurlstone Park teams, we are better able to track and support the progress of players and teams through the season, and to assist Coaches, parents and players. The format also discourages specialisation (for instance, there is no goalkeeper for U6 and U7 teams), so players develop a sense of the game overall and of the different roles and responsibilities that are required in a team.

The format of small sided football relies on us having house Managers and Coaches who are willing to assist with coaching on weeknights and organising teams on Saturdays. 

We need parents to volunteer for these roles, which are very rewarding, and give you a chance to get involved in your child’s sport.

Even if you have never played football or watched football before, your skills and experience as a parent will be perfect for this role. We provide Coach support and training for the house Managers.

Houses and team formation

The Age Coordinator will be responsible for the initial allocation of children to houses, keeping in mind the information that you have given us about your training preferences and friends in the club. Within the club, the houses are identified by the night that they train and by the colour of their match shirts. e.g. Thursday Red or Wednesday Purple. If your house wants to be Slytherin (or anything else), that’s fine, but let us know.

Under 6s and 7s play in 4-a-side teams with no goalkeeper.


At Hurlo we embrace Small Sided Football, and we are fortunate to be large enough to run our in-house program.

We have aligned ourselves to the national MiniRoos football, which is designed to introduce football to children, where games are fun, they learn new skills and find new friends.

The rules of MiniRoos are adjusted to make it easier for children to discover football.

Download MiniRoos Format and Rules

Players Pledge

In applying for registration as a player with the Hurlstone Park Wanderers Football Club, I will comply with this Code of Conduct in all respects.

I also understand that any breach of the Code of Conduct may result in sanctions being imposed upon me.

These may include:

  1. Warnings either verbal or in writing

  2. Ejection from the field of play/stadium

  3. A fine or suspension imposed by the Club

  4. A fine or suspension imposed by the Canterbury District Soccer Federation

  5. Expulsion from the Club

  6. And/or Legal proceedings As a member of a team associated with the Hurlstone Park Wanderers Soccer Football Club as well as abiding by the Rules and Regulations of the Club and the CDSFA. 

I will always play by the rules

I will never argue with an official

If I disagree with a decision I will inform the captain, coach or manager during a break or after the competition

I will control my temper. I understand that verbal abuse of officials and sledging other players and deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent are not acceptable or permitted behaviours in any sport

I will work equally hard for myself and /or my team

I will be a good sport and applaud all good plays whether they are made by my team or the opposition

I will treat all players in my sport as I like to be treated

I will not bully or take unfair advantage of another player

I will cooperate with my coach, team members and opponents

I will display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat

I will not arrive at the field intoxicated

I shall not consume alcohol at junior matches

I will respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved in the game, regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background

I will thank the opposition and officials at the end of the game

In applying for registration as a player of the Hurlstone Park Wanderers Football Club, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to comply with the above Code of Conduct and accept that breaches of the Code carry consequences under the Code and the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Canterbury District Soccer Federation Association and of its members and affiliated Clubs.

Download here

Disciplinary Matters

Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee is comprised of at least 4 members of the Club, one of whom is chair. The Club’s Member Protection Officer is also a member of the DC.

The Disciplinary Committee’s role is:

  • To investigate and make determinations in relation to any complaints made in relation to the behaviour of Club members.
  • To monitor and follow up with players and team officials when a sanction is issued by a Referee.

Typical situations where the DC would become involved is where a complaint about behaviour has been received by the Club from a ground official or from another team or Club.

The DC does not issue penalties for red card sanctions (as this is a CDSFA sanction) but does require a report from the member, and may recommend sanctions for players with repeat offences.

Incident Reports​

When an incident is referred to the Disciplinary Committee (by the Club President or MPIO), the Chair of the Committee asks all the relevant participants to supply a report.

As a rule, the more reports received the clearer the facts of the incident become, allowing the deliberations of the Committee to have a higher level of fairness. 

After all the reports have been received by the Committee, the Committee will discuss the situation, by meeting or electronically, and a position will be agreed upon by consensus and a report will be supplied to the Club President for action (either through the Club Committee or for communication to CDSFA and/or other Clubs). This report may include a recommendation of sanctions.

A meeting with the relevant members and the Disciplinary Committee is often a valuable tool to allow clarity of a situation, and the Disciplinary Committee has the authority to stand down members until such a meeting has taken place.

The sooner that the Disciplinary Committee can prepare a report, the better the outcome.

Team Managers, Coaches and Age Coordinators should notify the Club Committee as soon as possible of any situation, be it referee sanction, an incident at a ground, or an unofficial complaint. This allows the Committee to be proactive in its response.

NOTE: When a red card is issued, the player, Coach or Manager issued the infringement is required to supply a report on the issue and pay the fine imposed.

A player will be considered suspended by HPWFC until the incident report has been received and the red card fine has been paid in cash at the Ewen Park canteen. This must be done by the weekend before the completion of the suspension. If the suspension is 1 week, the fine must be paid on the weekend the suspension is being served. A copy of the receipt must be sent to for the suspension to be considered complete. If a player takes to the field before this has occurred, a further sanction will be imposed, typically 2 weeks.