Referee Resources

Hurlstone Park Wanderers is a community club that promotes playing football in an inclusive manner, with respect for opponents, officials, and for the love of the game.

We encourage both our junior and senior players to become qualified referees, as the numbers are constantly under pressure.

Officiating in CDSFA competitions is overseen by the Canterbury Referees Association. They administer and train all referees in the district.

If you’re interested, please visit their website to discover how you can become a referee.

Canterbury Referees Association

Referee allocation

Updated weekly on the Canterbury Referees Association website under Games Covered/Not Covered by Referees


We run a HPW Game Leaders program (formerly called Mini-Refs) during our Small Sided Games.

Here, junior players of the Club who are at least 12 years old during the season are encouraged to ‘learn’ how to referee a game of football.

The underlying purpose of the program is to provide non-adult instruction on game day to our youngest members in the U6 to U9 age groups.

In recognition of volunteering to undertake this important role, Game Leaders receive a small match fee, something from the BBQ, and a drink from the canteen.

If you are interested in becoming a Game Leader, register using our online form or contact our Game Leader Coordinator Gemma at

See the 2022 Game Leader roster here

Results and referee payments
and refund submission

Current Referee Rates

Match sheet and Referees reimbursement instructions

A quick summary of the steps for teams to record results and Referee payments. We need these for all teams before midday on Monday, as that is the deadline for entering them (and earlier is better).

  1. If you are the home team, bring your match sheet back to Ewen Park canteen on Sunday night (these need to be returned to the CDSFA offices, and so we really need them).
  2. If you are the away team, take a note of your result (taking a photo of the match sheet for your records, and if we need it is a good idea, but you do not need to send us that photo, unless we ask you to.
  3. For all teams (home AND away) fill out the google form that asks you to record the result and the number of Referees. Please use HPW 2021 Official payment submission form which serves two purposes – you will get reimbursed for referee fees and we will have your result.

Referee Payments

The link below lists the amount that each team will need to pay the Referees for each game, by age group and division.

Managers should have these amounts in clearly marked envelopes and pay the Referees before the game begins.

The Referees will add their ID number and signature to the match sheet.  This is the information that we use to know that you have paid a Referee.

Please note the following:

  • Do NOT pay volunteer Referees. We only pay Canterbury Referees Association appointed Referees.
  • If the other team forfeits on the day (does not turn up to play) do not pay the Referees. The Referees will be paid for these games, but the full amount is paid by the forfeiting team, and the Referees need to complete a form and submit it directly to the CDSFA.

Pre-Season and other games

The HPW 2021 Official payment submission form allows you to include details of payments for other games, including pre-season trial games and State Cup or Champion of Champions.

For pre-season games, the Club will reimburse the cost of Referees and ground hire for one external game (at another club’s field) up to a maximum of $150 per season. If you organise more games than that the cost is to be paid by the team. If the cost is greater than $150 please contact if there are special circumstances that necessitate a higher cost. For intra-association games, notification to the Club in time for us to notify the Association is sufficient.