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Hurlstone Park Wanderers Stand in Support of Referees

Press Release
Release Date: 1st May 2023

Football players across the country were shocked and saddened by the horrific attack by a suspended player on referee Khodr Yaghi that occurred during a game on Friday 28th April, leaving the official with significant injuries. The incident has gained national media attention.

On hearing the news, Pete Lalor, a teammate of Hurlstone Park Wanderers Club’s Coaching Coordinator, Terry Wong was so horrified of the attack that he suggested a strong showing of support for our referees in the form of guard of honour from all teams at the commencement of this week’s fixtures.

Pete, a member of the Strathfield Football Club Over 45s team, shared “Like everyone I know, I was shocked when I saw the news story about Khodr Yaghi. For my family and I, football has been a great social experience spanning more than 45 years. I think it’s easy for us to miss the contribution that officials make to this experience – and my teammates and I wanted to do something to show that we appreciate what they do. They are just as committed as we are – and without them we wouldn’t have the opportunity to play each week.”

Terry Wong decided that this was something that could be supported by both clubs and indeed every club across the Association. “We really want a strong show of support from all our players to highlight the importance of respect for referees”, says Terry.

Every Hurlstone Park Wanderers and Strathfield Football Club team will form a guard of honour for the officials at the commencement of each game at this weekend’s fixtures.

The Club has forwarded this idea to all Clubs within the Football Canterbury Association from which it has received excellent support. We are seeking collaboration from all football communities in this showing of support for our referees and officials.

Contact information
Rosalie Viney – President, Hurlstone Park Wanderers
0402 417 493

Terry Wong – Coaching Coordinator, Hurlstone Park Wanderers
0411 604 813

(A pdf version of this press release is available here.)