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Hurlstone Park Wanderers are a community club, that promotes playing football in an inclusive, diverse and safe environment with respect for opponents, officials, and for the love of the game.

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Hurlstone Park Wanderers
Hurlstone Park Wanderers
Another great initiative for promoting female football. Also ... remember Female Football round is being celebrated this Sunday at Beaman Park. We look forward to welcoming the many female teams across the association.
Hurlstone Park Wanderers
Hurlstone Park Wanderers
It's so great to see our 35/7s (aka The Hurlers) continuing their fantastic fundraising tradition - this time in support of Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. While the Hurlers have an amazing tradition of fundraising for many charities, this time there was an important and deeply personal connection motivating their efforts, and we wish Marin all the best. Great work team!

Read more in The Lifehouse newsletter story.

Hurlstone Park Wanderers
Hurlstone Park Wanderers
For those interested, these are the principles our football program is based on. They influence the weekly training session plans we release and the way we are developing our coaches to coach. In the end, it's about providing an environment for children to develop a love for the game and to gain some valuable skills and lifelong friendships along the way.
Hurlstone Park Wanderers
Football NSW
In this video we explore how to create a fun and engaging environment for children playing football by 👇⚽ 1. Focusing on the Fun aspect 2. Let them learn by playing 3. Involve all children 4. Provide Encouragement 5. The more they play, the more they engage The Let Kids be Kids infographic is one of the toolkits of resources available from the Let Kids be Kids campaign addressing poor sideline behaviour in junior sport. A very popular infographic that highlights issues that impact on all sports. Contains important links to further Let Kids be Kids resources that are free to download - https://footballnsw.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/PlayByTheRules_Let_Kids_Be_Kids_infographic-2.pdf For more information visit: https://footballnsw.com.au/club-coach-coordinator-ccc-program/

Key Messages

‘Volunteer’ –  the club is now over 1450 players in size, we have over 80 competitive teams and we need more volunteers. 

Even for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday, every bit helps and reduces the load on the committee.

Playing for Hurlstone Park means that you are part of the Hurlo Community, not a paid member where services are provided.

See the volunteer page for details.

‘Let Kids be Kids’ – our ongoing support for this  national campaign that addresses poor sideline behaviour .

The behaviour of people on the sidelines of junior sport can have a profound impact on kids’ participation and enjoyment of sport.

‘Respect for Officials’ – they are only human and they make mistakes just like players and coaches do.

We currently have a 30% non-return rate of juniors who take up refereeing each year, and that is largely because they cop abuse/commentary/inappropriate behaviour.

Let’s put a stop to that.

‘Diversity and Inclusion’ – our community club supports people from all walks of life to come and enjoy their football in a safe environment.

 ‘Club Development Plan’ – we are 95 years young this year, and we plan to utilise our financial strength to improve our facilities at Ewen and Beaman Parks.

‘Coach Development’ – we are committed in 2019 to improve the level of all our coaches, so that they enjoy the game more, and our players continue to improve.

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